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Sudoku X4

Simply the best Sudoku app ever! Four games in one! Unlimited puzzles!

  • The Classic Sudoku puzzles that you know and love
  • Irregular Sudokus, for a different perspective
  • X variations on both of these puzzle types
  • Six levels of difficulty, from absolute beginner to super expert

Album storage system - Save (and view) your partially solved, solved and new puzzle choices.

Sudoku X4 includes a game engine that generates new puzzles at the touch of your finger. The most challenging puzzles require expert techniques such as Franken Fish, Finned Swordfish and XY Wings, with no guessing required, of course. Our friendly user interface makes solving a pleasure, offering different colored inks, a timer and complete undo/redo capabilities.

The original Sudoku X4 runs on the iPhone/iPad/iPod. Sudoku X4 HD is the High Def version for the iPad. Android version coming soon!